“How do we disrupt our category and appeal to more mums?”

Taking a long-established but niche brand into the mainstream – in a highly emotive category.

Phase 1:
Premium repositioning founded on audience insights.
Rebranding and new look & feel.
Refined messaging and clear product differentiation.
New website.


The UK baby formula market is dominated by the global infant nutrition corporations. And brands have to operate within a strict regulatory framework. Taking on the status quo as a smaller brand is extremely challenging – to create impact and to gain retail distribution.

Nearly all mainstream baby formulas are made from the complex processing of cow’s milk and the addition of whey. But Nannycare is simply made, with no unnecessary ingredients, from whole goat milk. It launched many years ago as the first goat-based infant milk to be sold in the UK, with a loyal, but somewhat niche, fanbase.

So how to help Nannycare take things to another level?


The brand’s points of difference were hidden. Plus the look and feel was out of date and didn’t convey its premium quality.


The strategy was to boost Nannycare’s ‘more natural’ ‘less processed’ credentials to help differentiate from the dominant cow’s milk based brands. Within the strict regulatory confines of the category, this had to be done using a new brand personality and understated tone of voice, rather than overt ‘natural’ messaging. Care also had to be taken with how the goat milk story was conveyed – to help overcome any preconceptions of goat milk and choices in the category.

This would create a wider appeal, and new market opportunities, beyond being a niche ‘goat milk’ brand.


Repositioning and refresh – befitting the brand’s unique points of difference.


A new, more premium understated visual tone of voice is carried through the new logo, colour palette, and photography treatment. This includes the timeless classic ‘Baskerville’ font – very atypical for the category. Photography is BW, candid, in natural settings – no studio shots of smiling babies!
All adding up a far greater than baby-sized leap forward for the brand. And a fresh, new positioning that goes head to head with the ‘cheesy’ norms of the global giants.

Results chevron


Phase 1 launched Sept 2019 – supporting growing retail listings.

Phase 2 to follow…