“How can we refresh our brand to take it into new categories?”

Refreshing a much loved British brand to reflect its premium price tag.
Creating a catalyst for new opportunities in previously untapped NPD categories.

Project 1: Messaging & tone of voice. Design & packaging.
Project 2: Activation via p
rint & digital advertising.
Project 3: Extension into new NPD skus.


Homepride Flour is a premium heritage brand. (With own-label alternatives costing around 75% less.) But this much-loved brand hadn’t been shown much love for years. Many of the things that differentiated the brand were hidden away in copy or simply not explained. For example, it uses 100% British Wheat, and it’s pre-sieved. So it needed a major makeover to justify its price and stand out in store – whilst also retaining the brand heritage of Fred and other key brand assets.


The brand’s unique credentials were not being communicated. Nor reflecting that it’s a premium brand.


We took an evolution-led approach: clearly communicate its British Wheat credentials, the unique benefits of its resealable pack and ‘pre-sieved’ features.  And dial up Fred’s personality – the emotive brand mascot that helps differentiate Homepride from competitors.


Refreshed brand, pack design and personality.


Every single detail was re-assessed: creating clearer messaging and hierarchies on shelf, refreshing the tone of voice & personality, and modernising the design & typography across all the varieties. Not to mention creating the unmistakable unique union jack ident to communicate the brand’s 100% British Wheat credentials. 

Project 2: Activating the reinvigorated brand in print and digital media.
Integrating with home baking recipe pages in retailer & national media, and brand website.

With the mother brand re-established, Homepride was then able to engage in new streams of NPD activity and growth.

Results chevron


The sum of all the detailed updates in the pack messaging & design rejuvenated the brand back to its premium brand status on shelf. 

And the reinvigorated brand became a stimulus for new growth opportunities. With NPD into associated categories including bread flour, gluten-free, and baking ingredients.